New tech for new audiences

Just like the cassette tape to cd's to Mp'3.  Just like a VHS to DVD's & Blu Ray.  The online media player has advanced.  If your video isnt optimized for the new age of ecommerce, social media & interactivity, you're presenting with the old school.

SuperCharged Storytelling

Everybody & just about anything gets a shout out.  Include community businesses in your production.  Raise their brand while raising your production value.

More Eyes on you

More eyes on your creativity because the everyone involved in your project is more willing to show their network.  They're no longer an "extra". Get more views and more plays by leveraging your cast.


Only our platform lets viewers connect your video & your cast to multiple social channels on a shot by shot basis.  When you post to other video platforms, you basically stay their tube.

Now Accepting Music Videos

If you have another type of content for us, contact us here.

$65 per submission

  • Fully Interactive video

  • Shareable

  • Embeddable

  • Feature Page Consideration

  • Google News write up

  • Social Media Posts

Music Video
Submission Form

Submit some details.  We'll make it interactive and publish for the world to see.

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*For more than one artist or group details:  Include all member details in the casting documentation requested below.

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*The more info for interactivity we have, the more chances you have for views and shares.  Even if a person is on screen for 1 shot.  Show them some love.


Upload document

*Any brand/product/service or location within your video.  With desired URLs.

*affiliate links accepted

* Brand websites and product links should be included.

*If you are sponsored by a Shopify Store they must be added to our database via The Mass Media Marketplace app before we start mastering your interactive video.

*Ensure the entered link is shareable and downloadable.  We accept Mp4 & mov less than 700mb.  

We go it!  Thanks!