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Interactive Tech That PAYS YOU.

You say you want to be "different".

BON2's technology is the best way to start monetizing your content without having a billion views or subscribers.  Just be you or tell your story.  Then export with our interactive mastering suite. Viewers will PLAY, PAUSE, DISCOVER, SHOP and BON2 gives you a piece of the pie.  We are the only video platform in the world that utilizes the possibility of e-commerce sponsorship on almost any shot of content.   This opens up more revenue possibilities for everyone involved but the CREATOR will see their production value and monetization returned in phenomenal fashion.

New technology for traditional film techniques.

Master your videos for interactive devices.  We supply monetization options, promotion through our networks and can also help you launch your own app and web player.

Our interactive technology is streamlined with the tools that filmmakers use.  So there is no extra coding or learning curve.  Just shot, edit, then master and distribute with our suite.

BON2 is all about giving you more tools for monetization, customization and creativity, so you can scale your content across more platforms.  

Shoot.  Edit.  Master.  Distribute.

"The easiest way to be forgotten or simply glanced over is to publish your videos the same way everybody else does."

We have what you need to become a beast.

BON2 offers more tools than any other single platform to attract audiences and separates you from the fray. ​

  • Our technology flows with the same editorial tools that you have perfected for your stories.

  • Control and organize your content and delivery directly from your desktop.

  • Generate your own revenue with the help of almost 1 million merchants.

  • Publish your channels to your own iOS, Android apps and with a shareable/embeddable web player.

  • Team up with brands for a higher quality production value.

  • Monetize right away with your own, sponsorship, and funding for your channel.

  • Access to a worldwide audience.

  • Create authentic experiences without the pre-production prep work of other interactive software.