Accurate & Affordable Ad Space.

Image by Joshua Earle

More accessible than traditional TV ads.  Much more than other web or app based video platform ads.

Not too many business are going to be able to drop 5 million dollars for an ad during a sporting event or even have a TV spot for their local market.  We offer a wide array of interactive video content & a standalone marketplace to draw customers to your products.  

Familiar Budget Settings.  More visual branding.  More profit.

Each video published with our technology is waiting to present your services or products to an audience.  Utilizing familiar campaign tools that utilize keywords, colors and business categories, BON2 displays your storefront and its products, to the viewer but like the traditional television and unlike other sales channels, BON2tv does this without commission of each sale.

Much more than tagging a photo on a social media.

Don't sell yourself short by listing your products on a single Amazonian marketplace. Activate your brand with our technology.  Reap the benefits of the web and any app powered by BON2.

  • Embed your video into your website.

  • Shareable to social media platforms.

  • Cost-effective interactivity.

  • "See Now.  Buy Now." Shot specific information for your customers.

  • Visible to a worldwide audience with Android, AndroidTV, iOS, AppleTV apps, and web players

  • Landscape and Portrait device interactive presentation

Make Your Storefront Interactive

Do you have video that showcases your brand, store, restaurant or business?  Your old or new videos can be optimized interactively with BON2 in less than 1 business day. Give us a ring and make your videos interactive today.  Keep your customers connected by directing them exactly where you want.

*Costs vary primarily by the length of each video.