Current Features, Capabilities & Milestones:

Although we are proud of what we have built there's plenty of work left for us to accomplish technically. Here is a snapshot of our current platforms accomplishments:

The hustle is real!

  1. Official Shopify Sales Channel Partnership

  2. Established "Brand Safe" Video Content & licensing Partnerships

  3. E -shop station marketplace integration.

  4. Standalone BON2tv Storefront Marketplace tab (coming soon)

  5. Social Media and Portrait mode/vertical playback compatibility.

  6. Unique and SHOT SPECIFIC interactivity

  7. Location integration

  8. Actor/Actress/Influencer integration

  9. Item on screen color integration

  10. Keyword database integration

  11. Shareable/embeddable web browser video player

  12. Android app compatibility

  13. iOS app compatibility

  14. Amazon app compatibility

  15. SmartTV compatibility

  16. VR compatibility (coming soon)

  17. Quick custom Interactive "See Now Buy Now" video mastering and distribution software.

  18. Custom Interactive Icons

  19. Custom transition video posters

  20. Custom touch sounds per icon

  21. Custom CTA (Call to Action) import *November 3 scheduled release date*

  22. ***Patent Pending***

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