How does BON2 display products, brands or services available from multiple merchants?

Business Categories - Keywords - Ad Campaigns

As an open platform with a social networking business model, BON2 allows merchants to sign up and list for sale any products or services that fit within our guidelines. In many cases, this means the same product or service may be available from multiple sellers.

To improve the ability for BON2 end users to find and buy products, BON2 associates every business and its services or products to a general category. From here it is up to the merchant to list their products with the best details as possible for our BON2tv player to identify and display back to end users.

BON2's algorithm selects the "best" metadata to present in videos by factors such as the item type, color, setting or use of the product within the associate video and other factors.

The additional feature we offer to merchants is our Ad campaign. Here you'll find that your brand/products or services are displayed across multiple streams to millions of people. This is the new way for e-commerce merchants to advertise on television/video with a more affordable and far reaching options. Our current content partners feature a variety of station types ranging from high profile celebrities to micro influencers. When you use our Ad campaigns you are bidding to be seen in this content when end users pause to see similar products or services that they see on the video at that very moment. BON2 tracks where users are interacting the most and presents your campaigns products or brand according to your bid and with the help of the keywords you've used to associate your brand/product or services that the creator has used to create the interactive icons.