Do you offer a white labeled version of BON2tv? What would it look like?

BON2tv is produced by a SAAS revenue model and is available to anyone. We offer a variety of services for merchants all the way up to large library media companies.

Or software is tailored to your brands environment and as a technology partner using our SAAS technology you are then able to gather your own content partners. Revenue models between technology partners and content partners are individually negotiated. The photo below is a visual of how vast your network could be for your brand with station partners. Your station partners get a version of SPOKESMAN to export their content to your white labeled version of BON2.

Customizations and branding of all types are possible, of course.

As you can see the packages can get quite expansive depending on the network you have. BON2tv is an example we at BON2 Studios have put together as an example. We have our stations and content selection, but have chosen to license content that we could build our technology around.