Fastest Growing Shopify Sales Channel.

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Sorry to disappoint if you expected a cute puppyor baby fail video. Nah. We just wanted to take the time to show how much work we're putting in. The Hustle is making progress.

BON2tv is indeed one of the fastest growing sales channels. In less than one month the online marketplace & video platform has started from the bottom and has risen to rare air where Google associates 3 different partnership apps along with their own & where Ebay & Amazon enjoy about 7 different partnership apps along with their own.

Check out that list a little further and you'll see some well established marketplaces from around the world. Rakuten, Buzzfeed, Lyst & Newegg. Companies totaling in the billions of dollars in resources are feeling the surge of something different in their industry.

Wanna know why we'll continue to grow? Its definitely not because we have financial resources. Its because unlike any other shopping arenas, BON2tv promotes e-commerce merchants with popular social media channels through interactive, shoppable videos in addition to an integrated marketplace. And unlike any other video platform, we present viewers with interactive possibilities on every shot in each of our videos. Engage with brands, products, locations and people. All while ushering viewers to our community of merchants. Merchants with better prices for customers because we offer the lowest commission rates.

The biggest reason, of course, is because BON2 Studios is hungry like you cant believe. Not because its almost Thanksgiving either.

Feature announcements coming up during the break. Stay tuned.