How is BON2 different from other players?

Shoppable and discoverable video content has been one of the most desirable features since broadcast television was invented.

Imagine a world where all videos seen on interactive devices (remote, touch or mouse) were actually INTERACTIVE.  Not just to pause, play or change the channel.  But to also discover more about characters, places, objects, products and other things.  Imagine shopping directly from any video at any moment. Adding items to a wishlist, then easily purchasing from your favorite online retailers.  Streaming television shouldn't be so linear. BON2 is the technology that turns what has always been imagination into reality.

Our beginnings come from film and visual effects. We cater to filmmakers and the variety of techniques they use to be creative. This at its core, makes our BON2 player different than Youtube, Instagram or other companies that offer shareable video solutions.

Our montage pasted above was one of our first videos ever mastered with our patent pending software. There are about one thousand edits. For each and every one of the frames there is information to be found once tapped. The displayed data is not a read out for the whole video. The read outs do not represent a single obvious brand that has sponsored the cut. What's displayed are the credits for every photographer. For every picture. Yes we sprinkled in a couple fake characters and you'll find members of our BON2 Studios team in there as well.

The basis of the montage was to prove that we could output a video like this in 1 hour with our tools. No one other technology is able to do accomplish this with accuracy, speed & detail to spatial coordinates of each frame.

It was a beautiful milestone.

BON2 is a player that wants to give credit to people/places and things as you see them. A player that understands that creatives crave options. A player which knows audiences prefer un-intrusive interactive experiences that are not just about shopping or ads.

Discoverability is just as important as shoppability, but storytelling should be told as the creator intends with custom options for their particular audience.

The BON2tv player is not just a single app. Its not just a single web player. It's not even meant to be enjoyed on our single platform. It is interactive video distribution for all Storytellers. It is television merging with e-commerce. Its what we've expected from our interactive viewing devices all along.