How long does it take to make interactive videos with your software?

Unlike other interactive packages in the past that could take months to wrap up a single immersive video. BON2 uses a more intuitive authoring program akin to techniques pos-production professionals have fine-tuned for decades. Our patent pending software is fast, precise and tremendously creative.

If you have used any editing package you'll find that Mastering an interactive video with our tools can take up to a day for a full length feature film or just minutes if you have up to the minute news flashes.

Besides the length of the video, other factors include, how many scenes or cuts there are in the video. How many items you'd like to tag. What type of information would you like to present to merchants. What additional information would you like to present to your viewers.

You'll find that you can spend as much or as little time as you'd like to make the most interesting and immersive experience for your views.