Merchant tips for Listing Products

Uploading your brand/service or product is simple.

BON2 first must identify your business and make sure it complies with community guidelines. These guidelines are the same as other social networks or video platforms. Once you've signed up, try to be as detailed and straight forward about what you offer. Remember, BON2 directs all of its end users back to your website/cart or wherever you do business. We want you to be seen. We want you to experience the ultimate in brand awareness. Here are some tips for your business to flourish:

The data for each product that a seller would like to list on their E-Shop Storefront should be kept accurate and complete. Inaccurate products or posts should be removed or refreshed via the SHOPIFY,

The following guidelines apply:

All products must comply with the BON2 community prohibited products at all times. Creating a product listing for any other purpose other than to sell on your own website or means of business is prohibited. The use of false, inaccurate, or misleading product identification information, including but not limited to name, description, brand, model, and UPC, in a product listing is prohibited. Creating multiple product listings for a single product is prohibited. Each product listing must provide ample amounts of metadata for accurate placement in video or other BON2tv viewing areas. Product listings should be as descriptive as possible, highlighting the features and benefits of an item. Products should be properly categorized to the most specific category as possible for BON2tv to list and upgrade your ad campaigns and products. Products or service descriptions should accurately explain the features or benefits and include any required category-specific information. Product variations (for example, color, size, and dimensions) should be mentioned. Product images should be clear and high resolution with a minimum of 500x500 pixels. Each product must have at least 1 image representing the product by itself and 1 image representing the product in a room or related space. Merchants shouldn't ever list or sell an out-of-stock or discontinued item. The use of any of the following information in product names, descriptions, or images is prohibited:Content in violation of the BON2 community prohibited products addresses, website URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or any other seller contact information. Misuse of text capitalization and other visual formatting. Dynamic scripting or other executables.