Shopifys Newest Sales Channel

BON2 Studios is proud to announce one of our biggest accomplishments to date. We have become one of Shopifys Places to Sell.

1 of only 18 online marketplace Sales Channel apps (at the time of this post) free for merchants to install. 1 of only 82 apps available to sell in total. Holy Smokes.

This partnership is important because this opens up opportunities to connecting viewers to a humongous amount of products and brands from around the world that use Shopify as their E-commerce platform. It also enables content Creators the opportunity to work with these merchants for better production quality & further monetization opportunities.

BON2tv is the worlds only marketplace that is driven by shoppable and discoverable video. Our interactive TV mission has always been the same:

1. Un-intrusively & easily connect people who view content to brands and products.

2. See it! Shop it! - Viewers should shop when they want to. When they are curious. This means accurate icons on the appropriate shot. Engagement possibilities at any moment.

3. Any type of video should be shoppable.

4. Make Advertising in streaming video affordable and accessible to merchants.

5. People in videos shouldn't have to be a "movie star" to get their shine.

The Hustle is real. So we wont celebrate this milestone too long. After this post, it's time to tidy up the office and get back to work. We have software bugs to clean and more platform features to reach.

This badge is still pretty cool. Please share it with anyone who may be interested in what we do and follow our BON2 Studios Facebook page for more updates.