Let them See it & Get it with a single touch.

Instead of appearing in the "related" tab of our interactive videos that promote a wide variety of items, we offer exclusively branded interactive videos for merchants to feature their own products.  Immersive videos that are engaging and allow you to sell your products directly within the video anytime any viewer sees them.


BON2 Studios exports your branded shoppable video with just a few steps.

1.  Publish your products with our         Shopify App.

2.  Submit your Branded video       poster (W) 674 x (H) 1000 and your mp4 video (3 minutes or less. 1920x1080 or 1280x720) to

3.  We'll contact you with any questions and delivery confirmation.

***Delivery in less than 24hours***

Don't have a video?  Don't have a poster?  No worries.  We can help with that.